Red Swan Episodes 1 & 2: Recap & Ending Explained – What Does Do-yoo Find in Juhyuk’s Photo?

She is additionally the Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF. After the presentation in UNICEF, Oh Wansoo receives a risk from ISIS for being available in their method. The threat was guided towards Oh Wansoo and her company, NOW Structure. Nonetheless, Oh Wansoo is to see Manila, and the threats never mind her. In Seoul, Chairwoman Park is doing Tai Chi, taking on the powers of the moon to aid her look young.

The next day, Mi-ran and Yong Guk leave, and Oh Wansoo heads home, and so does Do-yoo. Desiring to find even more info, Do-yoo locates out if Mr. Park runs individual tasks for Yong Guk, and Mr. Park states it is component of the job.

Showing up in Manila, Oh Wansoo gives an interview conference with Crown Royal prince Muhammed, that makes a large contribution to Oh Wansoo’s cause. Elsewhere in Manila, Do-yoo is at a gambling establishment where he spots some troublemakers speaking in Mandarin chinese and watches on them. As the goons broke up to go to the restroom, Do-yoon complies with and hears them concerning eliminating an Oriental policeman a few months back, and one more such act is mosting likely to take place soon. The one responsible for it is called Mr. L. In a flashback, we see that Do-yoo understood the Oriental police officer the punks were speaking about. Moreover, it appears Do-yoo was at the crime scene.

After the conference, a guest shows up with a kid, Junhee, that calls Oh Wansoo Aunty. In a flashback, we see what looks like Oh Wansoo’s youngster, Chanhee, and Oh Wansoo had actually left him to go snowboarding without her. It is time for the NOW Foundation occasion. Mr. Park introduces Do-yoo as the most recent Hwain Team security staff member. Ultimately, Do-yoo and Oh Wansoo lock eyes without claiming anything per other.

The next day, Mi-ran phone calls for Oh Wansoo and is angry, as Oh Wansoo did absolutely nothing when she discovered out that Yong Guk was cheating on her. What frustrates Mi-ran is Oh Wansoo’s carefree attitude. It transforms out Mi-ran has something to do with Yong Guk’s disloyalty and is worried Oh Wansoo will divorce Yong Guk.

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At the very same time, Oh Wansoo’s hubby, Kim Yong Guk, the successor to the Hwain group, asks his bodyguards to track down the vehicle and look for Oh Wansoo. Disposing of the GPS tracker, Do-yoo asks Oh Wansoo to trust him and takes her to his home.

At present, Oh Wansoo introduces the donations made by her other half and the increased contributions made by Crown Prince Muhammed. Junhee asks Oh Wansoo when the celebration will certainly finish as he is sleepy. Outside, Yong Guk and Tae-ra obtain enchanting, and as Oh Wansoo strolls in on them, all she asks is if they had actually to get captured.

At the same time, Oh Wansoo’s hubby, Kim Yong Guk, the beneficiary to the Hwain team, asks his bodyguards to track down the lorry and look for Oh Wansoo. In craze, Oh Wansoo’s mommy takes Mi-Ran’s kid’s golf clubs, gives it to Oh Wansoo, and asks her to practice golf daily. To recognize Oh Wansoo, Do-yoo asks if Oh Wansoo is miserable or lonesome, but she refutes any kind of such point. We are yet to understand what the late Chairman’s dreams were for Oh Wansoo and Oh Wansoo’s reasons for not separating Yong Guk. We are unsure if Mi-ran has actually killed Oh Wansoo’s mom as well, as her discussion with Oh Wansoo’s bro seems cryptic.

In the present, Do-yoo sees a drunk Oh Wansoo, helps her, and takes her to her space. As they wait, Oh Wansoo questions out loud if she must rest with Do-yoo. To understand Oh Wansoo, Do-yoo asks if Oh Wansoo is miserable or lonesome, but she rejects any type of such point.

As Oh Wansoo gets out of the building, the killer shoots, yet it hits the team and after that Oh Wansoo’s bodyguard. Enjoying the commotion, Do-yoo brings Oh Wansoo to safety and attempts to fight the awesome. Consequently, Do-yoo and Oh Wansoo thrill into their car and drive away.

There is a murder in Oh Wansoo’s home. The police likewise ask if Oh Wansoo and Do-yoo are lovers, and the maids respond by stating they do not understand anything. One day, Mi-ran, Oh Wansoo’s future mother-in-law, fires and slaps Oh Wansoo’s mother.

Desiring more details, Do-yoon disguises himself as a personnel and goes into the main troublemaker’s room, where he overhears regarding a money transfer, after which the murder will happen. As Do-yoo makes believe to cleanse the room, Mr.Park arrives, and the name sounds a bell. To add to the torment, the hooligan makes use of the expression ‘shipment from the blossom store,’ which Do-yoon identifies to be the words used by Juhyuk’s (the Oriental cop who was killed) awesome. In a recall, we see Do-yoo enjoying the killer lower Juhyuk’s neck. Do-yoo tries to eliminate, but he gets injured too.

“Red Swan” episodes 1 & 2 dive headfirst into the extravagant globe of Oh Wansoo, a playing golf champ transformed benefactor. Underneath the surface area, cracks start to display in her marital relationship to Yong Guk, the entitled successor to the vast Hwain Group realm. Hiding in the shadows is his iron-fisted mom, Chairwoman Park Mi-ran, a woman as callous as she is abundant and with a hidden agenda as sharp as her diamonds. Enter Do-yoo, a patient ex-cop with a shadowed past. Designated as Wansoo’s bodyguard, his objectives are far from pure. Driven by a personal grudge to uncover the fact behind his close friend Juhyuk’s strange death, Do-yoo locates himself knotted in an internet of fraud that extends from the boardroom to the bed room.

At the consular office, Yong Guk sees Oh Wansoo’s circumstance and asks Mr. Park to compensate the one who conserved Oh Wansoo. In one more space, Do-yoo offers his statement concerning the occurrence. As Mr. Park reviews the statement, he sees Do-yoo’s signature, calls, and asks to satisfy him earlier than intended. In your home, Chairwoman Mi-ran asks Oh Wansoo to pay off the Chinese. But she declines and asks Mi-ran not to go to the NOW Structure occasion she is organizing. Exasperated with Oh Wansoo, Mi-ran asks someone to eliminate Oh Wansoo. In a flashback, we see that Do-yoo and Juhyuk are pals as policemans, and Juhyuk provides Do-yoo his kidney. At the meeting, Mr. Park offers Do-yoo to join his blossom shop, which he reveals as code for the Hwain Team.

The series unfolds with several backstories for each of the primary personalities. Oh Wansoo and Do-yoo will likely have a charming affair. There is a great deal to unravel with a restricted number of episodes. We are yet to comprehend what the late Chairman’s dreams were for Oh Wansoo and Oh Wansoo’s factors for not divorcing Yong Guk. We likewise require to discover why Juhyuk was eliminated. It primarily has to do with the videos that Do-yoo has discovered. The opening scenes of the 2nd episode provide us a look of a murder to happen, and it could be Mi-ran’s murder and an investigation into that killed the individual. We are uncertain if Mi-ran has actually eliminated Oh Wansoo’s mother also, as her discussion with Oh Wansoo’s sibling seems puzzling.

In craze, Oh Wansoo’s mother swipes Mi-Ran’s child’s golf clubs, gives it to Oh Wansoo, and asks her to exercise golf daily. One fine day, Oh Wansoo’s mommy asks Oh Wansoo to go to the US and play for championships.

In 2011, Oh Wansoo fulfilled Yong Guk in Africa. The Hwain Team’s NOW Structure aided fund Oh Wansoo’s golf career. Yong Guk was in Africa directly handing out donations. On the last day, Yong Guk asks Oh Wansoo to quit golf and marry him. After that, Oh Wansoo arrives at the Grand Palace (Hwain Team’s home). Mi-ran is rude and treats Oh Wansoo like she is nothing. Overwhelmed by Mi-ran’s habits, Oh Wansoo really did not say a lot, despite the fact that Mi-ran jokingly said she had actually eliminated the last lady who intended to marry Yong Guk. Despite everything, Mi-ran consents to let Oh Wansoo marry Yong Guk. She takes Oh Wansoo’s bro apart and makes him sign a prenuptial contract. She likewise asks him to exist to Oh Wansoo that Mi-ran has actually found a location for their mom abroad.

After that, Oh Wansoo returned to Korea after 12 years. Celebrating over the win, Oh Wansoo strolls with the trophy when finance sharks show up, asking to pay off her mom’s financial debts.

Oh Wansoo asks if Yong Guk will certainly reward the Chinese. Stating it is company, Yong Guk is prepared to do as Mi-ran says, however Oh Wansoo advises him not to do it. At the very same time, Oh Wansoo holds a press seminar to reveal the threats made to her by ISIS.

Before the discussion goes better, Do-yoo is called by Oh Wansoo. In a flashback, we see Yong-guk’s father and Oh Wansoo are close.

The series opens up with montages of Oh Wansoo embeded an abusive marital relationship with Yong Guk and her Mi-ran, saying the only way Oh Wansoo can exit the household is with fatality and not a divorce. Back then, Oh Wansoo crosses her path with Do-yoo, that will probably assist her escape her torment. The episode begins in New York at the UNICEF head office, as the previous pro golf enthusiast, currently wed to the corporation Hwain Group Oh Wansoo, is servicing assisting targets of war.


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